Google BigQuery for Marketers and Agencies

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LATEST CONTENT UPDATE: August, 2020Welcome to Google BigQuery for Marketers and Agencies, the Google BigQuery course that focuses on growing the technical knowledge and expertise of the marketing professional! This course is designed to bridge the gap between data analysis and digital marketing, and help you become a data-driven decision-maker. The course curriculum is put together in a progressive fashion, starting with an introduction to the most useful SQL queries for marketers, the role of both BigQuery and SQL in the larger data ecosystem, and then diving into two hands-on projects, where you can use everything you have learned. By the end of the course, you will be able to:Explore eCommerce and CRM user-level data in Google Analytics 360 (Project #1)Visualize active queries and data tables in Google Data Studio (Project #2)Explore semi-structured data with ARRAY_AGG, UNNEST and STRUCTFilter values with the WHERE clause to identify insightsIngest .CSV files and create permanent BigQuery tables Combine multiple data tables with different types of JOINs - INNER, LEFT and RIGHTAggregate data with SUM, COUNT and GROUP BYCreate nested queries by using the WITH clauseWho is the instructor?Lachezar Arabadzhiev is a digital markitech with 4+ years of experience in performance analytics and data visualization. Lachezar began his career as a digital marketer at Microsoft, but soon transitioned to the measurement and analytics world, where he has had the opportunity to work with major brands such as Air Canada, RBC, Kimberly-Clark, Mazda and HSBC.Lachezar has been working with Data Studio and BigQuery since early 2017 and has built a wide variety of visualizations and automation flows. From performance-based dashboards with joined GMP sources (Google Analytics 360, Campaign Manager and Display & Video 360) to audience-driven segmentation views with user-level eCommerce data.Lachezar is a certified GMP expert and an official speaker at the Canadian Google Data & Analytics Summit, 2018.


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